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At Assizes, we are partners in the business, financial, and legal fortunes and futures of our clients.

For over 25 years, Assizes thrives on the principle that the client’s best interests are paramount. Assizes essays to exceed client’s expectations of quality, timeliness, and responsiveness. This business philosophy is a cornerstone of Assizes practice.

Assizes is not just another law firm.

We are unapologetically selective of both work and clientele.


While at all times poised to wage legal war on our clients’ behalf where necessary, Assizes is always willing, with client’s nod, to explore avenues of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Our knowledge of ADR means we can help you get results by utilizing the opportunities ADR provides.

Continuing Professional Development

Assizes attorneys are involved in continuing legal education and regularly attend seminars and workshops on various legal subjects. The result is a practical familiarity with, and a thorough and masterful grasp of the relevant law on diverse subjects, plus a research-and-development orientation.


Assizes includes judicious, multi-disciplinary, and pragmatic advice when working for clients. Our work thus goes beyond “legal” advice. It incorporates wise counsel. We are result-oriented and empathy is in-built in the firm’s ethos.

Research & Reporting

Research, writing, and reporting are important aspects of our legal services whenever appropriate. We also function as legal consultants and law-research professionals. Our Senior Partner, Chinua Asuzu, is the dean of The Write House, the organization that teaches legal writing to lawyers at all levels and in all fields.


Standard of Care

We have drawn our standards from different jurisdictions in order to give clients a standard of care that meets international best practices. Assizes stands out as a law firm in Nigeria that has voluntarily imposed on itself some of the rules of the Law Society of England and Wales.


Strictest Confidentiality

In handling client’s briefs and assignments, Assizes is discreet and adopts a stance of the strictest confidentiality. We hold client’s personal, corporate, and other data in utmost secrecy, no matter the nature of the information.


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