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About Us

Mission & Vision


1. Assizes is in the business of rendering top-quality legal services to a niche market of discerning clients.

2. Assizes aims to be at the forefront in the legal-services market for standards, integrity, confidentiality, and client satisfaction.


To become and remain a rocket-science law firm on the Gabarro scale

Service Approach

At all times, Assizes stands ready, inter alia, to:
(a) furnish clients with the highest quality of legal service, whenever and wherever required;
(b) avail clients of superior, customized, cost-beneficial, and effective business support under a staunch legal umbrella;
(c) heighten clients’ law-consciousness, alert them of legal-problem-solving needs, and raise their law-and-regulation compliance profile, with a view to smoothening their operations in an increasingly sophisticated regulatory environment;
(d) help clients anticipate legal difficulties and complications, and take necessary and desirable action to avert or minimize these, for example by highlighting the implications of relevant legislation and other governmental control mechanisms.

Unapologetically selective

Assizes accepts only a few well-controlled briefs at any one time, in order to devote maximal time and resources to our highly valued clients and their important work. We are unapologetically selective of both work and clientele.montes.

Client's Best Interests

Assizes thrives on the principle that the client’s best interests are paramount. Assizes clients must be able to rely on our independent judgment, confident that we will act and advise in their best interests, not ours or those of any other party. Assizes attorneys are competent, trustworthy people. We are trusted advisers.

We handle tax disputes and consult on tax matters.

For both the taxpayer and the tax collector, tax is tasking. At Assizes, we got your back. We bring expertise and experience into tax matters. We have the access and the exposure that help us deliver results. Find out how we can help you.

We draft and peruse transactional documents.

Transactions can go completely wrong if you fail to get the details right. This is why you must not go wrong with transactional documents. Assizes drafts transactional documents. We got you covered in all aspects of transactional practice, including negotiations. Here’s how.

We take care of all aspects of clients' business, financial, and legal needs.

Assizes is flexible. Our flexibility ensures we our clients’ partners in various aspects. Whether it’s your rights, your money, your future, or the future of those you care about, we care. We are always here to help. Click here to view the various ways we can help you.

We treat tax and others right.

At Assizes, some of the many ways we do what we do right include:


Business & Industrial Regulation
Transactional Law
Intellectual Property

Client's Best Interests

Assizes is characterized by utmost professional integrity, high legal standards, reliability, and abiding empathy with and sensitivity to clients’ concerns. We act in your best interest.