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Salient Points About Tax Assessments in Nigeria: BOJ, NORA, etc.


Kome Oruade

Assizes Lawfirm
April 12, 2016


Tax assessment in Nigeria is governed by the various tax statutes. Caselaw demystifies and shapes these statutes so that they are easier to understand and implement. In this review, using Nigerian tax legislations and caselaw, I examine the Nigerian tax assessment regime under the following headings:

1. Introduction

2. The validity of Best-of-judgment assessments
2.1.Failure to file returns entitles tax authorities to raise Best-of-judgment assessments?
2.2.Best-of-Judgment assessment should be reasonable and realistic.
2.3.Best-of-Judgment assessment must be supported by material proved before the court.
3. Under what circumstance should tax authorities refund excesses?
4. What Happens when the Tax Authority Fail to serve a Notice of Refusal to Amend (NORA) a Tax Assessment?
5. What Amounts to a Proper Notice Served on the Taxpayer? 5.1.Proof of service of notice.
5.2.Effect of a Defect in Notice.
6. What makes an Assessment “Final and Conclusive”?


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